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Yin Yang Car Emblem
Part Number 2125-PQ
Yin Yang Car Emblem
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Yin Yang is a well-known symbol predominantly associated with Taoism. Sometimes it's called Tai-Chi symbol. The Tai-Chi is from I-Ching. The I-Ching is the foundation of Chinese philosophy. The Yin Yang Taoist symbolizes the interplay of forces in the universe. In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang represent the two primal cosmic forces in the universe. Yin (moon) is the receptive, passive, cold female force. Yang (sun) is masculine- force, movement, heat. The Yin Yang symbol represents the idealized balance of the forces; equilibrium in the universe. In ancient Taoist texts, white and black represent enlightenment and ignorance, respectively.Our 2-1/2" Yin Yang Car Emblem is molded black plastic, raised chrome, adhesive pad.

Buy with confidence! This product is made in the US and supports our domestic economy.

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