About Ring of Fire Enterprises

We are a small family-owned business located on the central California coast, USA. We started our first retail website, rof.com back in 1994. Rof.com is still our primary retail online store and contains all of our current product offerings at retail prices. We also have presences on Amazon and Zazzle. Though small, we endeavor to ensure our customers receive the best possible service, no matter how large or small their order. We generally ship orders within 24 business hours of receiving them. 

For credit card orders, your credit card statement will indicate charges from Rof, Inc. or Ring of Fire Enterprises.

Order Cancellations
If you wish to cancel your order, you must do so before the order is shipped. 

Wholesale and quantity pricing
For wholesale and quantity pricing on many of our most popular items, you can set up an account on our wholesale site, darwinfishwholesale.com. The only requirements are a $100 order minimum and some products can only be ordered in multiples of 10 at a time.

About the Darwin Fish

The Darwin Fish image/logo was originally designed and produced by Mr. Chris Gilman from California in the early 90s. He and some friends copyrighted and trademarked the "Darwin Fish" image/logo, founded a small company in Texas named Evolution Design where they developed and manufactured many Darwin Fish products under the Evolution Design brand, including the famous black and chrome Darwin Fish Car Plaque you've probably seen everywhere.

In 2016, because of a business relationship we had with Evolution Design, we were offered, and accepted in legal agreement with Evolution Design, intellectual property rights, including transfer of ownership of the Darwin Fish design trademark, their standing inventory of Darwin Fish and Evolution Design products and the Evolution Design brand.

According to the few who have attempted to infringe on our legal rights of ownership, the Darwin Fish logo/design is public domain, this is not factual. The DARWIN fish design is protected under copyright and trademark law as legal intellectual property of Ring of Fire Enterprises, LLC.

About the "Flying Spaghetti Monster"

Bobby Henderson, whose progressive activism against the teaching of "Intelligent Design" began the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) phenomenon. Ring of Fire Enterprises has established an exclusive licensing arrangement with Mr. Henderson for the FSM brand, design and associated products. By mutual contract, his organization receives a portion of the proceeds from all our FSM and Pirate Fish sales. Ring of Fire Enterprises is the only authorized manufacturer of Flying Spaghetti Monster and Pirate Fish emblems recognized by Bobby Henderson and Flying Spaghetti Monster L.L.C.

Did you know

Ring of Fire Enterprises was featured in a local news broadcast way back in 1996, two years after our inception. You can view it here and on Here on our YouTube Channel.

Why Choose Us?

Though small, we endeavor to ensure our customers receive the best possible service, no matter how large or small their order. We generally ship orders within 24 business hours of receiving them.

In addition, Ring of Fire Enterprises, LLC is the legal holder of the Darwin Fish trademark (USPTO Registration #2,115,11). We are also the legal holder of the "FSM" design trademark (USPTO Registration #4310787) under authorization by Bobby Henderson and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.